Country Gospel Song

Various Artists

Initial release : 1971



  • I Know That Jesus Set Me Free - Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers
  • To the Work - Alfred G. Karnes
  • God Moves on the Water - Blind Willie Johnson
  • Honey in the Rock - Blind Mamie and A.C. Forehand
  • My Mother is Waiting for Me in Heaven Above - The Smith Brothers
  • The Lion and the Tribes of Judah - Lonnie McIntorsh
  • Just as Soon as My Feet Strike Zion, Lord I Won't Be Troubled No More - Rev. J.M. Gates
  • Lonesome Valley - The Carter Family
  • The Little Black Train - The Carter Family
  • Jesus, Lover of My Soul - Uncle Dave Macon
  • Walking with My Saviour - The Freeman Quartet
  • Wouldn't Mind Dying - Blind Mamie Forehand
  • Take Your Burden to the Lord - Blind Willie Johnson
  • Went Up in the Clouds of Heaven - Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers
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