Black Mountain Rag

Doc & Merle Watson

Initial release : 2006


A collection of tracks taken from Doc & Merle Watson album released on Flying Fish.


  • Black Mountain Rag (Traditional)
  • Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (Travis / Williams)
  • Black Pine Waltz (Traditional)
  • Red Rocking Chair (Traditional / Watson)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle (Traditional)
  • Below Freezing (Coleman)
  • Mole in the Ground (Traditional)
  • Liza/Lady Be Good (Gershwin / Gershwin / Kahn)
  • Down Yonder (Traditional)
  • Cotton Row (Traditional)
  • Sadie (Coleman / Hill)
  • Leaving London (Paxton)
  • Guitar Polka (Dexter / Paris)
  • Fisher's Hornpipe/Devil's Dream (Traditional)
  • Along the Road (Fogelberg)
  • Bye Bye Bluebelle/Smiles (Travis)
  • Sheeps in the Meadow/Stony Fork (Traditional)
  • Take Me out to the Ballgame (Norworth / VonTilzer)
  • Blackberry Blossom (Traditional)
  • Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar (Delmore)
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The music on this collection was originally released on;

Blackberry Blossom is a bonus track recorded in 1990 with Doc Watson, Norman Blake and Tony Rice.

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