American Folk Songs for Children

Mike, Peggy, Barbara, Penny Seeger and their children

Initial release : 1992


A double CD set of 58 songs 43 of which were collected in the book of the same name by Ruth Crawford Seeger, the mother of Mike, Peggy, Barbara and Penny Seeger.


  • Raccoon and Possum
  • Mister Rabbit
  • Peep Squirrel
  • A Squirrel is a Pretty Thing
  • Cross-eyed Gopher
  • Muskrat
  • Old Ground Hog
  • Snake Baked a Hoecake
  • Mole in the Ground
  • Little Dog Named Right
  • Little Lap Dog Lullabye
  • Little Brown Dog
  • Oh, Blue
  • Old Fox
  • The Deer Song
  • And We Hunted and We Hunted
  • The Gray Goose
  • Old Lady Goose
  • The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg
  • My Old Hen's A Good Old Hen
  • Turkey Song
  • Shake that Little Foot, Dinah-O
  • There was an old Frog
  • Little Pig
  • The Old Sow
  • The Little Black Bull
  • The Old Cow Died
  • Black Sheep, Black Sheep
  • The Big Sheep
  • Old Bell'd Yoe
  • The Kicking Mule
  • Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On
  • Hop up, My Ladies
  • Stewball
  • Riding Round The Cattle
  • Crocodile Song
  • Go on, Old 'Gator
  • Of All The Beast-es
  • Go to Sleep
  • Jack, Can I Ride?
  • Daddy Shot A Bear
  • Wolves A-Howling
  • Song of The Doodlebug
  • Little Birdie
  • The Sea Fowl
  • Old Bangum
  • The Swapping Song
  • Great Big Dog
  • Saw a Sow
  • Turkey in the Straw
  • Once I Had An Old Gray Mare
  • Little Rooster
  • Who Killed Poor Robin?
  • Lost Gander
  • The Leatherwing Bat
  • Jane, Jane
  • Old Bell Cow
  • Animal Song
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