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This World Is Not My Home

Lone Justice

Initial release : 1999

Geffen 000071802

A Lone Justice compilation. Bob Dylan contributes guitar on the cover of the Dylan song Go 'Way Little Boy. The track was originally only released as the B-side of a European single. The only US releases are on Lone Justice compilations.

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  • Drugstore Cowboy (McKee)
  • Rattlesnake Mama (Traditional)
  • This World Is Not My Home (Traditional)
  • Working Man Blues (Haggard)
  • Cottonbelt (McKee)
  • Go 'Way Little Boy (Dylan)
  • The Train (Hedgecock)
  • East of Eden (Etzioni)
  • Ways to Be Wicked (Campbell/Petty)
  • Don't Toss Us Away (MacLean)
  • You Are the Light (Etzioni)
  • Sweet Jane (Reed)
  • I Found Love (McKee/Van Zandt)
  • Shelter (McKee/Van Zandt)
  • Dixie Storms (McKee)
  • Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling) (McKee/Tench/Van Zandt)
  • Wheels (McKee)

Musicians include;

  • Bruce Brody - keyboards
  • Marvin Etzioni - bass, maracas, vocals
  • Shane Fontayne - guitar
  • Ryan Hedgecock - guitar, vocals
  • Don Heffington - drums, percussion
  • Maria McKee - harp, vocals
  • Rudy Richman - drums
  • Greg Sutton - bass

  • Bob Dylan - guitar (on Go 'Way Little Boy)
  • Bobbye Hall - tambourine
  • Benmont Tench - keyboards
  • Steven Van Zandt - guitar
  • Ron Wood - guitar
Related releases

Go ' Way Little Boy was originally released on a single in Europe;

  • Sweet Sweet Baby (I'm Falling) / Go ' Way Little Boy, Lone Justice, 1984 (Europe)
Go ' Way Little Boy was also included on the compilation;