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So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt

Keith Green

Initial release : 1980

Pretty Good Records PGR-1

Bob Dylan contributes harmonica on possibly two tracks of this album.

album cover

  • So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt (Green/Green)
  • I Pledge My Head to Heaven (Green)
  • If You Love the Lord (Green/Green)
  • Romans VII (Green)
  • Lies (Green)
  • I Want to Be More Like Jesus (Green/Green/Willard)
  • Unless the Lord Builds the House (Green/Green)
  • O Lord You're Beautiful (Green)
  • You Love the World (Green)
  • Grace by Which I Stand (Green)

Musicians include;

  • Keith Green - piano, vocals
  • Alex Acuņa - percussion
  • Bob Dylan - harmonica (possibly on So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt and I Pledge My Head To Heaven)
  • Hadley Hockensmith - guitar, bass
  • Bill Maxwell - drums
  • Harlan Rogers - organ
  • Howard Charity - background vocals
  • Linda McCrary - background vocals
  • Matthew Ward - background vocals
  • Kelly Willard - background vocals

  • Producer - Keith Green, Bill Maxwell