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The Essential Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman

Initial release : 1975

Buddah 56652

Bob Dylan plays piano and sings on one previously unreleased track of the compilation.


  • The I Don't Know Where I'm Going (Goodman/Turnpike Tom)
  • Donald and Lydia (Goodman)
  • You Never Even Call Me by My Name (Goodman/Prine)
  • Election Year Rag (Goodman)
  • Eight Ball Blues (Goodman)
  • City of New Orleans (Goodman)
  • Turnpike Tom (Goodman)
  • Yellow Coat (Goodman)
  • Jazzman (Holstein)
  • Would You Like to Learn to Dance? (Goodman)
  • The Dutchman (Smith)
  • Six Hours Ahead of the Sun
  • Song for David (Goodman)
  • Chicken Cordon Blues (Goodman)
  • Somebody Else's Troubles (Goodman)
  • The Loving of the Game (Garvey)
  • I Ain't Heard You Play No Blues (Goodman)
  • Don't Do Me Any Favors Anymore (Goodman)
  • Lincoln Park Pirates (Goodman)
  • The Ballad of Penny Evans (Goodman)

Musicians include;

  • Steve Goodman - guitar, vocals
  • Robert Milkwood Thomas (Bob Dylan) - piano, vocals (on Election Year Rag)
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