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The Byrds Box Set

The Byrds

Initial release : 1990

Columbia/Legacy C4K-46773

A 4 CD Byrds retrospective box set. Bob Dylan contributes vocals on one song, a 1990 live version of Mr. Tambourine Man.


  • Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan)
  • I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Clark)
  • Chimes of Freedom (Dylan)
  • She Has a Way (Clark)
  • All I Really Want to Do (Dylan)
  • Spanish Harlem Incident (Dylan)
  • The Bells of Rhymney (Davies/Seeger)
  • It's All over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan)
  • She Don't Care About Time (Clark)
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) (Seeger/Traditional)
  • It Won't Be Wrong (Gerst/McGuinn)
  • Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Dylan)
  • He Was a Friend of Mine (McGuinn/Traditional)
  • The World Turns All Around Her (Clark)
  • The Day Walk (Never Before) (Clark)
  • The Times They Are A-Changin' (Dylan)
  • 5D (Fifth Dimension) (McGuinn)
  • I Know My Rider
  • Eight Miles High (Clark/Crosby/McGuinn)
  • Why? (Crosby/McGuinn)
  • Psychodrama City (Crosby)
  • I See You (Crosby/McGuinn)
  • Hey Joe (Powers/Roberts)
  • Mr. Spaceman (McGuinn)
  • John Riley (Gibson)
  • Roll over Beethoven (Berry)
  • So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star (Hillman/McGuinn)
  • Have You Seen Her Face (Hillman)
  • Time Between (Hillman)
  • It Happens Each Day (Crosby)
  • Renaissance Fair (Crosby/McGuinn)
  • Everybody's Been Burned (Crosby)
  • The Girl With No Name (Hillman)
  • Triad (Crosby)
  • Lady Friend (Crosby)
  • Old John Robertson (Hillman/McGuinn)
  • Goin' Back (Goffin/King)
  • Draft Morning (Crosby/Hillman/McGuinn)
  • Wasn't Born to Follow (Goffin/King)
  • Dolphin's Smile (Crosby/Hillman/McGuinn)
  • Reputation (Hardin)
  • You Ain't Going Nowhere (Dylan)
  • The Christian Life (Louvin/Louvin)
  • I Am a Pilgrim (Traditional)
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (Guthrie)
  • You Don't Miss Your Water (Bell)
  • Hickory Wind (Buchanan/Parsons)
  • Nothing Was Delivered (Dylan)
  • One Hundred Years from Now (Parsons)
  • Pretty Polly (Hillman/McGuinn)
  • Lazy Days (Parsons)
  • This Wheel's on Fire (Danko/Dylan)
  • Nashville West (Parsons/White)
  • Old Blue (McGuinn)
  • Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (McGuinn/Parsons)
  • Bad Night at the Whiskey (McGuinn/Richards)
  • Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)
  • Mae Jean Goes to Hollywood (Browne)
  • The Ballad of Easy Rider (McGuinn)
  • Oil in My Lamp (Parsons/White)
  • Jesus Is Just Alright (Reynolds)
  • Way Beyond the Sun (Traditional)
  • Tulsa County (Polland)
  • Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (Guthrie/Hoffman)
  • Lover of the Bayou (Levy/McGuinn)
  • Willin' (George)
  • Black Mountain Rag (Traditional)
  • Positively 4th Street (Dylan)
  • Chestnut Mare (Levy/McGuinn)
  • Just a Season (Levy/McGuinn)
  • Kathleen's Song (Levy/McGuinn)
  • Truck Stop Girl (George/Payne)
  • Just Like a Woman (Dylan)
  • Stanley's Song (Hippard/McGuinn)
  • Glory, Glory (Reynolds)
  • I Trust (McGuinn)
  • I Wanna Grow up to Be a Politician (Levy/McGuinn)
  • Green Apple Quick Step (Parsons/White)
  • Tiffany Queen (McGuinn)
  • Bugler (Murray)
  • Lazy Waters (Rafkin)
  • Farther Along (White)
  • White's Lightning (McGuinn/White)
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) (Seeger/Traditional)
  • Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan)
  • He Was a Friend of Mine (McGuinn/Traditional)
  • Paths of Victory (Dylan)
  • From a Distance (Gold)
  • Love That Never Dies (Lynch/McGuinn)

Musicians include;

  • Roger McGuinn - banjo, guitar, vocals
  • David Crosby - guitar, vocals
  • Gene Clark - guitar, vocals
  • Chris Hillman - bass, mandolin, vocals
  • Gene Parsons - banjo, guitar, drums, vocals
  • Skip Battin - bass, vocals
  • Gram Parsons - guitar, vocals
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - Pedal Steel
  • Kevin Kelley - Drums
  • John York - guitar, vocals
  • Clarence White - guitar, vocals
  • John Hartford - banjo, guitar
  • Jackson Browne - piano
  • Bob Dylan - vocals (on 2nd version of Mr. Tambourine Man)
  • Al Kooper - keyboards
  • John Jorgenson - guitar, mandolin
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