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Barry Goldberg

Barry Goldberg

Initial release : 1972


Bob Dylan contributes backing vocals and percussion to at least 5 tracks of this album. He also co-produced to album with Jerry Wexler.

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  • Stormy Weather Cowboy (Goldberg)
  • Shady Hotel (Goldberg/Goldberg)
  • It's Not the Spotlight (Goffin/Goldberg)
  • Silver Moon (Goldberg)
  • Minstrel Show (Goldberg)
  • Imagination (Goffin/Goldberg)
  • Orange County Bus (Goldberg/Goldberg)
  • She Was Such a Lady (Goldberg)
  • Big City Woman (Goldberg)
  • Dusty Country (Goldberg/Rosenberg)

Musicians include;

  • Barry Goldberg - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Barry Beckett - keyboards
  • Michael Bloomfield - guitar
  • Pete Carr - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Dylan - percussion, vocals
  • Roger Hawkins - drums
  • Ralph MacDonald - percussion
  • Harvey Mandel - guitar
Dylan contributes to Stormy Weather Cowboy, It's Not The Spotlight, Silver Moon, Minstrel Show and Big City Woman.


  • Producer - Jerry Wexler, Bob Dylan