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When We All Come Home

The Dragonflys

Initial release : 2005

The lyrics of 8 of the songs on this release are by Robert Hunter. One of the songs has music co-written by Phil Lesh. This album appears to have been re-released in 2007 credited to just Rob Barraco.


  • Argentina (Hunter / Barraco)
  • Disparate Men On The Run (Barraco)
  • Limbo Rag (Hunter / Barraco)
  • Old Coast Highway (Hunter / Barraco)
  • When You Say When (Hunter / Barraco)
  • Give It Up (Hunter / Barraco)
  • Ride Ride Ride (Hunter / Lesh / Barraco)
  • One Dog Blues (Hunter / Barraco)
  • Cats & Dragonflies (Barraco)
  • When We All Come Home (Friedman / Barraco)

  • Rob Barraco - piano, organ, wurlitzer electric piano, hohner clavinet, bass synth, cocoon rattle, vocals
  • Rob Friedman - guitars, mandolin, strum stick, tambourine, bass, vocals
  • Barry Sless - guitars, pedal steel guitar
  • Mike Visceglia - bass
  • Jerry Marotta - drums, percussion

  • Todd Reynolds - violin
  • David Cossin - amplified cardboard tube, vibraphone, frame drum, djembe, shakers
  • Tom Barraco - djembe, bean pod shakers
  • Jim Kempster - vocals
  • Catherine Russell - vocal
  • Laurel Barraco - vocal
  • Dana Brooke - vocal

  • Producer, recording, mixing - Rob Friedman
  • Mastering - Mark Wilder
  • The Dragonflys Logo - Martin Friedman
  • Artwork - J. Bottone
  • Design - Alyson Williams
  • Recording and mixing at The Shed, NYC and Littlelife Studio, NYC

  • Thanks To - Honeybunch, Kaminski, Lee Barraco, Alan Tryst, JC Juanis, Cotter Michaels, Jen Jennings, Ginny And Jeff Toby, Jill and Phil Lesh, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes, Robbie Taylor, Dennis Leonard, Do Valdez, Stephanie Scamardo, Kathy Sunderland, Larry Cancro (Go Sox!), Dave Sokol at Euphoria, Martin Friedman, J. Bottone, Alyson Williams, Jody and Rich Sisselman, Dan Wise at the Shed, Janine Small, David Budge, Jim Gosnell and Jaime Kelsall at Apa, Jen and Robby Pennington, Bret Heisler, Bret Siegal, Barry Bergman, and all the musicians who made this recording possible
  • Special thanks to Maureen and Robert for their love and guidance
album cover

album cover