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Wake The Dead

A Celtic Celebration of the Songs of the Grateful Dead

Wake The Dead

Initial release : October 2000

Arista 14074/Grateful Dead Records

A Grateful Dead tribute that intertwines Dead songs with traditional jigs and reels.

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  • Banks of Lough Gowna (jig) >
    The Reunion (jig) >
    Friend Of The Devil
  • My Marianne (reel) >
    The Wheel
  • Christmas Eve (reel) >
    China Cat Sunflower >
    Bank of Ireland (reel) >
    The Bear (reel) >
    Bertha >
    Cliffs of Mostar (unreel)
  • Lord Inchiquin (harp air) >
  • Coleman's Cross (reel) >
    Bird Song
  • Brigid Cruise (harp air) >
    Black Muddy River
  • Touch Of Grey >
    Jack the Lad (reel) >
    Boys of Malin (reel) >
    Trip to Windsor (reel)
  • Row Jimmy

  • Maureen Brennan - celtic harp
  • Cindy Browne - acoustic bass
  • Danny Carnahan - fiddle, octave mandolin, guitar, vocals
  • Kevin Carr - uilleann pipes, fiddle, whistles
  • Sylvia Herold - vocals
  • Paul Kotapish - mandolin, octave mandolin, guitar, National steel guitar
  • Joe Craven - hand and mouth percussion

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