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Voices of the Rainforest

Various Artists

Initial release : 1991


Produced by Mickey Hart.

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  • From Morning Night To Real Morning
  • Making Sago
  • Cutting Trees For A Garden
  • Clearing The Brush
  • Bamboo Jew's Harp
  • Relaxing By A Creek
  • From Afternoon To Afternoon Darkening
  • Evening Rainstorm
  • Drumming
  • Song Ceremony
  • From Night To Inside Night

The Kaluli People


  • Producer - Mickey Hart
  • Field recordings and research - Steven Feld
  • Tape editing - Steven Feld, Jeff Sterling
  • Audio Engineers - Tom Flye, Jeff Sterling

According to Mickey Hart;

Steven Feld sits in a tree recording things that make sounds in the night. He never gets to see what they are. The Kaluli believe the forest is a tuning fork, and they're just one of the voices of the forest. It's not unusual to see one of the Kaluli playing a duet with a waterfall or a bird. What you are listening to is endangered music, music on the brink of extinction.
There is some discussion about the making of this album in the book; Music Grooves : Essays and Dialogues, Charles Keil, Steven Feld, 1994.

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Bamboo Jew's Harp was included on the sampler CD;