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Visions Under The Moon

David Nelson Band

Initial release : 1999

David Nelson 99001

The third CD release from the David Nelson Band. Includes one song co-written by Nelson and Robert Hunter.


  • Long Gone Sam (Hunter/Nelson)
  • No Souvenirs (Nelson/Stillson)
  • Fable Of A Chosen One (Nelson)
  • Road To Armageddon (Nelson)
  • Edge Of The Wire (Nelson)
  • Absolutely Sweet Marie (Dylan)
  • Snakebit (Nelson/Stillson)
  • Haunted Man (Siegel)
  • Kerouac (Laymon)
  • Vision Under the Moon/Penumbra (Laymon/Nelson/Siegel/Sless/Steinhorn)

  • David Nelson - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
  • Barry Sless - electric guitar, pedal steel
  • Mookie Siegel - accordion, keyboards, vocals
  • Bill Laymon - bass, vocals
  • Arthur Steinhorn - drums
  • Charlie Crane - drums
Additional studio contributions;
  • Sandy Rothman - mandolin (No Souvenirs)
  • Greg Anton - percussion

  • Producer - Aaron Hurwitz, David Nelson Band
  • Engineer - Aaron Hurwitz, Steve Harris
  • Mixing - Aaron Hurwitz, David Nelson Band
  • Additional recording producer - Dan healy
  • Additional recording engineer - Steve Harris, Jeff Gruber
  • Technical assistance - John Grant, Tony Eichler, Craig Heidobler
  • Mastering - Michael Romanowski
  • Executive producers - Craig Howard, Arthur Steinhorn
  • Graphic design, layout - Scott Carpenter/StuffDzine
  • Cover art - David Lochtie
  • Additional cover art - Allison Sprague
  • Photos courtesy of - Stan Russell, Bruce Polonsky
  • Special thnaks to Craig Howard at Prima Productions and Slipknot Presents for his constant support of the band
  • Special thanks to those who have given generously and unselfishly to the band - Scott Carpenter, Bruce Colfin, Annette Flowers, Steve Harris, Doug Houk, Karin Isaacson, Andy Lease, Alan Margeson, Michelle McFee, John Metzger, Art Roland, Marc Siegel, Tom Stern, Marc Wexler, Diana and Steve Wyatt
  • Thanks to Phil at Audix and to Bill and Dave at Alpha Sound for the generous use of the equipment. Also thanks to the entire staff of the Aladdin Theater for making this a highly memorable experience
  • Recorded at The Aladdin Theater, Portland September 11-13, 1998
  • Additional recording at Knightstar Studios, San Rafael; Sheffield Studio, Baltimore; Blue House Productions, Silver Spring;
  • Mixed at NRS, West Hurley
  • Mastered at Rocket Lab

The music on this album was recorded during a week of recording sessions and one live performance all at the Aladdin Theater, Portland, Oregon during Spetember 1998.

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