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Whims '71

Initial release : 1971? / 1974?

? XPL-1021

This album includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Truckin'.


  • Teach Your Children
  • The Song Is Love
  • Hurry Sundown
  • Oh Suzannah
  • John Barleycorn
  • Good Day Sunshine
  • Lovin' Sound
  • Coconut Woman
  • Weep For Jamie
  • Go Where You Want To Go
  • Castles In The Sun
  • Truckin'

  • Ginny Hafner
  • Mary Joan Boylan
  • Cindy French
  • Nancy Jones
  • Lynn ?
  • Sally Patton
  • Lloyd Dugan
  • Patty Fisher
  • Patty Gambulos
  • Linn Harrison
  • Cheryl HoeneMeyer
  • Trisha Howells
  • Rose Weaver
  • Melissa Evans
  • Beth Lloyd

  • Recorded By T.J. Sokira Associates, Division of Dynamic Recording Studios, 85 Willow Street, New Haven, Conneticut
  • Engineer Samot Arikos
  • Supervision Martin Kugell
  • Mastering George Piros

Uncertain of the year of release. The group name on the record label is Whims '71.

Other albums recorded at Dynamic Recording Studios with similar XPL catalog numbers appear to date from the 1970 to 1972 period. This suggests a release date of 1971 for the Whims album

The list of group members on the rear of the album sleeve has years attached which possibly indicate when the named people were members of the group. These years range from 1971 to 1974. This suggests that the album was released in 1974 or later.

The Whims are a female a cappella group based at Wheaton College, Massachusetts. The group which was formed in 1947 still exists. Information about the current group can be found on The Wheaton Whims website.

album cover

album cover