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Time Loves a Hero / Down on the Farm

Little Feat

Initial release : 2012


A double CD release that combines Little Feat albums from 1977 and 1979. The Down On The Farm album includes one song, Six Feet Of Snow,that was co-written by Keith Godchaux.


CD 1: Time Loves a Hero:

  • Hi Roller (Barrère)
  • Time Loves a Hero (Barrère / Gradney / Payne)
  • Rocket in My Pocket (George)
  • Day at the Dog Races (Barrère / Clayton / Gradney / Hayward / Payne)
  • Old Folks Boogie (Barrère)
  • Red Streamliner (Payne / Tate)
  • New Delhi Freight Train (Allen)
  • Keepin' up With the Joneses (Barrère / George)
  • Missin' You (Barrère)
CD 2: Down on the Farm:
  • Down on the Farm (Barrere)
  • Six Feet of Snow (George/Godchaux)
  • Perfect Imperfection (Barrere/Snow)
  • Kokomo (George)
  • Be One Now (George/Tackett)
  • Straight from the Heart (George/Payne)
  • Front Page News (George/Payne)
  • Wake up Dreaming (Payne/Payne)
  • Feel the Groove (Clayton/DeWitty)

Keith Godchaux co-wrote Six Feet Of Snow. The musicians on this track are;

  • Lowell George - guitars, vocals
  • Bill Payne - keyboards
  • Paul Barrère - guitars
  • Kenny Gradney - bass
  • Richie Hayward - drums, percussion
  • Sam Clayton - congas, percussion
  • Fred Tackett - guitars
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - steel guitar
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