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Keller Williams

Initial release: 2004

Sci Fidelity

A double CD of live performances. Includes a cover of the Garcia/Hunter song Bird Song. Also includes a song, Gate Crashers Suck, that refers to a Grateful Dead show in 1995.

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Disc: 1;

  • Tubeular (Williams)
  • Rapper's Delight (Edwards / Rodgers)
  • Skitso (Williams)
  • Under Pressure (Bowie / Deacon / May / Mercury / Taylor)
  • Shinjuku (Williams)
  • Keep It Simple (Williams)
  • Dance of the Freek (Williams)
  • Blazeabago > (Williams)
  • Let's Go Dancing > (Fowler / Kinney / Nielsen / Sullivan)
  • Blazeabago (Williams)
  • Moondance (Morrison)
  • Star Gate (Williams)
  • Hum Diddly Eye (Williams)
  • One Way Johnny (Williams)
  • Novelty Song (Williams)
Disc: 2;
  • Shapes of M&M's (Williams)
  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Jackson)
  • Dudelywah (Williams)
  • Bird Song (Garcia / HUnter)
  • For What It's Worth (Stills)
  • Prelude to a Cracker (Williams)
  • Cracker Ass Cracker (Williams)
  • Zilla a Trois (Williams)
  • Gate Crashers Suck (Williams)
  • Balcony Baby (Williams)
  • Celebrate Your Youth (Williams)
  • My Sisters and Brothers > Boob Job (Johnson / Wilcox)

  • Keller Williams - all instruments, vocals

The lyrics to Gate Crashers Suck are as follows.

I was there at Deer Creek back in 1995
I think it was June maybe July
But Jerry was still alive

All the kids in that parking lot
They tore that fence down
And I blamed them
For the second show getting cancelled

I really wanted to go
I saved up all of my dough
I didn't go to any other shows
And I got my tickets M.O.ed
And I never missed a Deer Creek show
From '89 to '95
I was happy just to be alive
On my yearly Indiana vacation

But that was cut short by a bunch of jealous
party bashin', buzz thrashin', gate crashin', stinky bastards