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Running Free Soundtrack

Various Artists

Initial release : 2000

Varese 066152

Movie soundtrack CD that includes two Mickey Hart tracks that are probably taken from the Planet Drum album.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks on this release are;

  • Running Free (Piovani)
  • Lucky's Waltz (Piovani)
  • Lucky's Long Journey (Piovani)
  • A Wide Sky (Piovani)
  • A Hostile Sea (Piovani)
  • Mine Band (Piovani)
  • A Sheet of Water (Piovani)
  • Dance Of The Hunter's Fire (Adepoju/Moreira/Olatunji/Purim/Vinayakram)
  • Game of Freedom (Piovani)
  • A Sky Heavy With Sun (Piovani)
  • Lucky's Escape (Piovani)
  • Friends of the Wilderness (Piovani)
  • The Hunt (Adepoju/Hart/Hussain/Moreira/Olatunji/Vinayakram)
  • Hoofbeats (Piovani)
  • Richard and Lucky (Piovani)
  • Running Free (Piovani)
All tracks were composed for the movie by Nicola Piovani with the exception of the two Mickey Hart tracks. The musicians on those two tracks are as follows.

Dance Of The Hunter's Fire;

  • Sikiru Adepoju - bell
  • Frank Colon - shekere
  • Giovanni Hidalgo - congas, shekere
  • Airto Moreira - djembe, shaker
  • Caryl Ohrbach - shaker
  • Babatunde Olatunji - djembe
  • Flora Purim - shaker
  • T.H. "Vikku" Vinayakram - ghatam
The Hunt;
  • Sikiru Adepoju - dundun
  • Mickey Hart - drum set
  • Zakir Hussain - naal, bells, tabla
  • Airto Moreira - shakers
  • Babatunde Olatunji - djembe, ashiko, ngoma
  • T.H. "Vikku" Vinayakram - ghatam, jew's harp
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