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Rollin' In The Hay

Rollin' In The Hay

Initial release : 2000

Prairie Eden 8888

This release includes a song, Jerry and J.B., that includes a number of references to Dead songs - presumably the Jerry of the title is Garcia.

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  • Sweet Potato Prelude (Carter / Foster / Waldrep)
  • Sensimillia (Carter / Harrell)
  • It's You Girl (Carter / Foster / Waldrep)
  • I'm Drinkin' Whiskey Again (Carter / Foster / Waldrep)
  • Honeysuckle (Carter)
  • Caleb Hall (Carter)
  • Carolina (Hammersmith / Waldrep)
  • Gypsy's Delight (Carter / Phaff / Waldrep)
  • Alabam (Carter / Knusden)
  • Sundance Trail (Carter / Foster / Waldrep)
  • Jerry and J.B. (Carter)
  • (Hidden track)

Rollin' In The Hay;

  • Barry Waldrep - banjo, guitars, mandolin, cardboard bass drum, congas, snare, souvenir drum, handclaps, vocals
  • Rick Carter - guitars, notebook, cardboard bass drum, cymbal, tambourine, sandpaper, jaw, calendar, handclaps, vocals
  • Stan Foster - bass, cardboard bass drum, harmonica, handclaps, vocals
Additional musicians;
  • Wildman Steve Bronson - washboard, tambourine, samsonite bass drum, percussion
  • Randy Hunter - vibra-slap, shaker, egg-shaker, keyboard, egg, vocals

  • Producer - Randy Hunter, Rollin' In The Hay
  • Engineer, mastering - Randy Hunter
  • Cover design, art - Tony Carter / Cloud 9 Design
  • Photography - Stacey Jones
  • Recorded at Brownhouse Studios, Mt. Brook, AL

The lyrics to Jerry and J.B. are roughly as follows;

Well I was a hippie in '68
Things were bad & things were great
Had a 8 track tape of Jimi Hendrix
& I played it everyday

Those were the days of Purple Haze
chocolate mesc, the Woodstock craze
And all our parents said was
"hell, it's just a phase"

Lately I've been travelin 'round
I been playin' in all these college towns
Where the more things change
The more they always seem to stay the same

They got halter tops, bell bottom jeans
& Rolling Stone magazines
I close my eyes & swear
It's the Summer of '73

Well, I guess I re-discovered my past
Some good things are meant to last
And it's all about the music
& it always sets you free

I've been to Tennessee
with Jed, Lawd, Lawd
"Havin' a good time", dancin' in my head
"Shake, shake, shake"
Ohhh, Sugaree
I tip my hat to Jerry & JB

I used to walk down Shakedown Street
When I was a kid, so I could meet
All the colorful people
That made the show the place to be

I love the Allman Brothers Band
Liz Reed & Ramblin' Man
And I guess I'll be ramblin'
As long as I'm around

Now it's Panic in the parking lot
Has shown me things that I've forgot
It's all about the music
And it always sets you free


Travelin' light, ohhhh Sugaree
Tip my hat to Jerry & JB

Yes I do