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Remote Control

The Tubes

Initial release : 1979

A&M 4751

The Tubes fifth album, their last original studio album for A&M.

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  • Turn Me On
  • TV Is King
  • Prime Time
  • I Want It All Now (Cott/Prairie Prince/Sponner/Steen/Welnick)
  • No Way Out (Prairie Prince/Spooner/Steen)
  • Getoverture (Prairie Prince/Spooner/Steen)
  • No Mercy (Cotten/Prairie Prince/Spooner/Steen)
  • Only the Strong Survive
  • Be Mine Tonight
  • Love's a Mystery (I Don't Understand)
  • Telecide

  • Fee Waybill - vocals
  • Bill Spooner - guitar, vocals
  • Rick Anderson - bass
  • Michael Cotten - synthesizer
  • Mingo Lewis - percussion
  • Prairie Prince - drums
  • Roger Steen - guitar, vocals
  • Vince Welnick - keyboards
  • Todd Rundgren - guitar, keyboards

  • Producer - Todd Rundgren
  • Engineer - Todd Rundgren
  • Mastering- Greg Calbi
  • Roland Young - Art Direction
  • Cover Design - Chuck Beeson
  • Photography - Mark Hanauer
  • Concept Coordination - Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff
  • Photography - Jim McCrary
Related releases

One single was released in conjunction with this LP;

  • Love's A Mystery (I Don't Understand) / Telecide, The Tubes, May 1979
Turn Me On, Prime Time and Only the Strong Survive were included on the Tubes compilation; The entire contents of Remote Control were included on the European Tubes compilation; Turn Me On, Prime Time, I Want It All Now and Love's A Mystery (I Don't Understand) were included on;