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President Yo La Tengo / New Wave Hot Dogs

Yo La Tengo

Initial release : 1996?

Coyote 89153?

This two-on-one CD release includes the song Drug Test which includes a reference to the Grateful Dead album Wake Of The Flood.

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  • Barnaby, Hardly Working (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • Drug Test (Kaplan)
  • The Evil That Men Do (Kaplan)
  • Orange Song (Harris/Key)
  • Alyda (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • The Evil That Men Do (Kaplan)
  • I Threw It All Away (Dylan)
  • Clunk (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • Did I Tell You (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • House Fall Down (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • Lewis (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • Lost in Bessemer (Hubley/Kaplan)
  • It's All Right (The Way That You Live) (Cale/Reed)
  • 3 Blocks from Groove St.
  • Let's Compromise
  • Serpentine (Kaplan/Milstein)
  • A Shy Dog (Kaplan/Milstein)
  • No Water (Kaplan/Milstein)
  • The Story of Jazz
  • The Asparagus Song

  • Georgia Hubley - drums, vocals
  • Ira Kaplan - guitar, vocals
  • Stephan Wichnewski - bass
  • Gene Holder - bass
  • Chris Stamey - guitar
  • Dave Rick - guitar

  • Producer - Gene Holder, Ira Kaplan, Chris Stamey
  • Engineer - James MacMillan

The lyrics of the song Drug Test are;

You may have left your mistake with breakfast
Watching the sun go down
I've been lying awake till dawn now
I'm not ready to face that
I'm not ready to face that thing today

I wish I was high
Brighter than nothing
Smarter than nobody
I've wasted away

I think of the things that matter
And I think of the things that don't
Whatever it is no matter
I hate feeling the way i feel
I hate feeeling the way I feel today


I see myself with headphones on
I'm listening to Wake of the Flood
I'm listening to Wake of the Flood
now I'm high


Related releases

The tracks on this two-on-one release were originally released on;

  • President Yo La Tenga, Yo La Tenga, 1989 (Tracks 1 to 7 )
  • New Wave Hot Dogs, Yo La Tenga, 1988 (Tracks 8 to 18 )