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Warren Zevon

Initial release : May 1995

Warner Brothers 24618

Bruce Hornsby plays on two tracks of this album.

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  • Seminole Bingo (Hiaasen/Zevon)
  • Something Bad Happened To A Clown (Zevon)
  • Similar To Rain (Zevon)
  • The Indifference Of Heaven (Zevon)
  • Jesus Was A Cross Maker (Sill)
  • Poisonous Lookalike (Zevon)
  • Piano Fighter (Zevon)
  • Rottweiler Blues (Hiaasen/Zevon)
  • Money Wash Donkey Rinse (Aldrich/Zevon)
  • Mutineer (Zevon)

  • Warren Zevon
  • Peter Asher - vocals (on The Indifference Of Heaven)
  • Rosemary Butler - vocals (on Jesus Was A Cross Maker and Mutineer)
  • Jorge Calderon - bass (on Seminole Bingo), vocals (on Poisonous Lookalike)
  • Bruce Hornsby - accordion (on Piano Fighter and Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse)
  • Larry Klein - bass (On Rottweiler Blues and Mutineer)
  • David Lindley - fiddle (on Poisonous Lookalike and Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse) , cittern (on Poisonous Lookalike)
  • Michael Wolff - keyboards (on Similar To Rain)

  • Producer - Warren Zevon
  • Recording - Warren Zevon, Duncan Aldrich
  • Engineer, mxing - Duncan Aldrich
  • Assistant engineer - Greg Cathcart, C.J. DeVillar, Rich Veltrop
  • Mastering - Chris Bellman
  • Package design - Victor Martin, Mercy Azarcon for Dawn Patrol
  • Front and back cover photography - Serenus Zeitblom
  • "Old Velvet Nose" photo - Jimmy Wachtel
  • Project coordinator - Julie Cahill
  • Management - Gloria Boyce
  • Business management - Bill Harper, Britt Pahan
  • Booking agents - Steve Ferguson, Mike Krebs
  • For HST
  • Assembled and mixed at Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood
  • Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering
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Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse, Mutineer and Seminole Bingo were included on the double CD compilation;