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Music For The Gods

The Fahnestock South Sea Expediton: Indonesia

Various Artists

Initial release : October 1994

Rykodisc 10315

The second release from the Endangered Music Project collects together recordings made in Indonesia in 1941, by Bruce and Sheridan Fahnestock. Produced and edited by Mickey Hart.

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  • Taboehgan - Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
  • Sekarinotan - Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
  • Pedat - Tongtong
  • Genderan - Gamelan Gong
  • Pemoengkah - Gender Wayang
  • Kerejing
  • Laghoe Dindang - Sandur
  • Merakngila - Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
  • Gambang - Gamelan Gong
  • Kecak
  • Abimenjoe - Gender Wayang
  • Gambangan - Gamelan Semar Pegulingan
  • Dandang Gendis - Mamaca


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  • Original recordings - Bruce and Sheridan Fahnestock

  • Producer - Mickey Hart and Alan Jabbour
  • Editor - Mickey Hart
  • Ethnomusicological consultant - Sue Carole DeVale
  • Library of Congress, transfer engineer - Michael Donaldson
  • Studio X, spatial processing - Tom Flye, Jeff Sterling
  • Club Front, computer cleaning, equalization, and mastering - Jeff Norman, Tom Flye

  • The collection of acetate discs was transferred to the digital format and electronically cleaned by Sonic Solutions for this release.

The mission of The Endangered Music Project is the;

"resurrection of archival tapes documenting such traditions from the silence of the Library shelves, remastering and sonically cleansing them to a listenable state for modern ears, and for posterity.