Mix Tape III

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Initial release : 2019

A limited edition cassette only release of tracks from Bonnie "Prince" Billy's archive. Includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song If I Had The World To Give.


  • Come In
  • Storms
  • Major March
  • Solemn 119
  • Champion
  • No Such As What I Want
  • If I Had The World To Give
  • The Best Of Folk
  • Song For The New Breed
  • You Win
  • Death To Everyone
  • In Spite Of Ourselves
  • Island Brothers
  • Thunder Road
  • Life In Muscle
  • Beware Your Only Friend
  • Whipped
  • You Have Been Seen
  • Am I Not A Soldier?
  • I See A Darkness
  • Remember The Terrortime
  • Might As Well Smile
  • Don't I Look Good Today
  • Suddenly The Darkness
  • Blue Boy
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