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Jemimah Puddleduck

Jemimah Puddleduck

Initial release : 2000


This live release includes an brief appearances/quotes of Jack Straw and The Other One.


  • Don't Look Back (Robinson / White)
  • U Can Stay But Th' Noize Mus' Go (Watson)
  • Rock Your Papa (Karan)
  • Memphis Radio (Sheller)
  • Time Will Tell (Karan)
  • My Car Is So Groovy (Schierbaum)
  • Bait The Hook (Karan)
  • She (Parsons)
  • Annie Don't Lie (Call)
Jack Straw appears at the end of She and an Other One jam during Time Will Tell.

The writing credits for Time Will Tell in the CD booklet are followed by 'Fond memories and apologies to the Grateful Dead for "Quadlibet For Tender Feet"'

The writing credits for She are followed by 'Gracias and apologies to Bob Weir and Robert Hunter for the Jack Straw)


  • Mark Karan - guitars, lead vocal
  • John Molo - drums, percussion
  • Bob Gross - bass, backing vocals
  • Arlan Schierbaum - wurlitzer, B-3, lead vocals on track 6

  • Producer - Mark Karam
  • Engineer - Arlan Schierbaum, Blake Beman
  • Mastering - Technovoice, Studio City, CA
  • Artwork - Mikic Kenedy
  • Photography - Alan Hess
  • Design, layout - Mark Karan, Alan Hess

This is a collection of live recordings that was, according to the CD booklet, "...compiled from live shows and the music is presented here exactly as it occurred... warts and all. Have fun."

The source shows for the tracks were as follows;

  • Don't Look Back - Ventura, July 17, 1999
  • U Can Stay But Th' Noize Mus' Go - Ventura, July 17, 1999
  • Rock Your Papa - Tahoa City, January 1, 2000
  • Memphis Radio - Tahoa City, January 1, 2000
  • Time Will Tell - Ventura, July 17, 1999
  • My Car Is So Groovy - Ventura, March 3, 2000
  • Bait The Hook - Tahoa City, January 1, 2000
  • She - Tahoa City, January 1, 2000
  • Annie Don't Lie - Ventura, March 3, 2000
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