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Interludes For The Dead

Circles Around The Sun

Initial release : 2015

Rhino/Grateful Dead

A 2 CD release of music that was recorded to be played during during the intermissions of the Fare Thee Well shows in Santa Clara and Chicago in June and July 2015. Includes an instrumental cover of the Grateful Dead song Mountains Of The Moon.


CD 1:

  • Hallucinate A Solution
  • Gilbert's Groove
  • Kasey's Bones
  • Space Wheel
CD 2:
  • Ginger Says
  • Farewell Franklins
  • Saturday's Children
  • Scarlotta's Magnolias
  • Hat And Cane
  • Mountains Of The Moon

  • Neal Casal guitar
  • Adam MacDougall keyboards
  • Dan Horne bass
  • Mark Levy drums
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All the intermission music recorded for the three Chicago Fare Thee Well shows plus the headlining sets from the shows featuring the former members of the Grateful Dead were released as a 12 CD / 7 DVD set;

Two other Fare Thee Well sets were released. These do not feature any of the intermission music.

The last of the three nights of the Fare Thee Well event was released as a separate CD/DVD set;

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