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Hot Spit!

Humphrey And The Dumptrucks

Initial release : 1972

Boot Records

This Canadian album includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Friend Of The Devil.


  • Another Storm
  • Grandfather
  • I'd Like To See You
  • Tom's Song
  • Jolly Rodger
  • Suite 5
  • Not Going Down To Sin No More
  • Different Songs
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Cat And Mouse
  • Piano Song
  • If She Could See Me Now
  • Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider

  • Humphrey Dumptruck (Gary Walsh) - banjo, dobro, tambourine, vocals
  • Graeme Card - guitar, mandolin, concertina, tambourine, kazoo, vocals
  • Michael Taylor - guitar, autoharp, tambourine, kazoo, vocals
  • Michael 'Bear' Millar - bass, jug, piano, vocals
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