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Counting Crows

Initial release : 2004

Polygram International

This CD single includes a live version of Friend Of The Devil. This and another track were recorded live in San Francisco.


  • Hanginaround '04 (rock mix)
  • Friend of the Devil (live in San Francisco)
  • August and Everything After (live in San Francisco)

Counting Crows are

  • Dan Vickrey - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, sitar, vocals
  • Ben Mize - drums, percussion, tambourine, bulbs, zippo lighter, loops, vocals
  • Matt Malley - electric bass guitar, guitar, double bass, vocals
  • David Immerglück - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, electric sitar, bass, mandolin, FM amount, vocals
  • Charlie Gillingham - piano, organ, accordian, chamberlain, mellotron, wurlitzer electric piano, harmonica, nord, acoustic guitar, tach piano, omnichord, fender rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, vocals
  • Adam Duritz - harmonica, piano, wurlitzer electric piano, tambourine, bells, string sampler, vocals
  • David Bryson - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro, slide guitar, 12 string electric guitar, vocals
  • Steve Bowman - drums, vocals
  • Jim Bogios - drums, percussion, loops, vocals
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