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Good Morning, Mr. Nobody!

Howth Castle

Initial release : June 1994

Blu Bus BB26

Second album from this Italian group includes a cover version of the Garcia / Hunter song Stella Blue.


  • Light Tarahumara Water (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • The Leaf Is Now Under The Ice (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • Cars and Trucks (Alberto Ventrello)
  • X-Blues For The Ancient Tribes (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • Child (Free)
  • Of Winds and Shores (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • The Song Of The Sad Days (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • Stella Blue (Garcia / Hunter)
  • A Song About Lies (Stefano Giaccone / Lalli)
  • Unreturned Love (Music : Alberto Ventrello / Words : Walt Whitman)

  • Stefano Giaccone - guitar, saxophone, tapes, vocals
  • Lalli - vocals
  • Alberto Ventrello - guitar
  • Claudio Villiot - keyboards, trumpet
  • Ugo Guizzardi - guitar, vocals
The line-up on Stella Blue is;

  • Stefano Giaccone - vocals
  • Lalli - vocals
  • Ugo Guizzardi - guitar, vocals

  • Engineer - Vanni Picciuolo, Marco Milanesio (Stella Blue only)
  • Mixing - Marco Milanesio
  • Photography - Luigi Bontempi
  • Recorded at the house of Vanni Picciuolo in December 1993 except for Stella Blue which was recorded at Aqualuce Studio
  • Mixed at Aqualuce Studio

The title of group comes from James Joyce. A quote is supplied in the CD booklet;

Riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from suerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.
The album is described in the booklet;
This duo project is something like a toy room where we can meet old friends and play music inspired by the forgotten records we love.
The CD booklet includes the lyrics for Stella Blue in Italian and English. The song is sung in English.

Related releases

This was the second Howth Castle album, their first being;

  • Rust Of Keys, Howth Castle, 1990, Inisher
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