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Drunk At The Stone Balloon

Love Seed Mama Jump

Initial release : 1994 (reissued 2005)

AVL / Orchard

This release includes a version of Friend Of The Devil. It also includes a song, She Like The Dead, that refers to the Grateful Dead.

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  • She Like The Dead
  • Domino
  • Take Me Home Country Roads
  • Walking On the Moon
  • Free
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Peace Frog
  • Love Vigilantes
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Good Guys And Bad Guys
  • In Your Eyes

  • Rick Arzt - lead vocals
  • Brian Gore - guitar
  • Will Stack - guitar
  • Pete Wiedmann - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Paul Voshell - drums
  • Dave James - percussion

Here's part of the lyrics of the song She Like The Dead;

I think I know what's happenin' here
Your punk rock clothes have disappeared
I smell patchouli oil whenever your near
I know what's goin' on

You used to sing anarchy, hate and stuff
Now it's time I called your bluff
Now you're trying to sing about peace and love
Enough is enough

She likes the Dead
She likes the Dead
She likes the Dead
She likes the Dead

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