Dirty Ditties and Cover Tunes

Snipe Hunt

Initial release : 2000


This album includes a cover of the Garcia/Hunter song U.S. Blues.


  • Hold Me Down (Ehresman / Brannock)
  • You Knock the Stuffing Outta Mr (Ehresman)
  • Six-Pack to Go (Thompson)
  • Who Are You (Townshend)
  • Sway (Jagger / Richards)
  • It Makes No Difference (The Band)
  • It'll Take a Long Time (Denny)
  • U.S. Blues (Hunter / Garcia)
  • One More Cup of Coffee (Dylan)
  • There Stands the Glass (Pierce)
  • The Streets of Laredo (Robbins)
  • Here Comes the Flood I (Gabriel)
  • Here Comes the Flood II (Gabriel)
  • Down the Dolce Vita (Gabriel)
  • Auld Lang Syne (Traditional)
  • The Alien Nematode (Ehresman)

  • Walt Ehresman - guitar, piano, tube shaker, vocals
  • Vic Ramirez - guitar, egg shaker, vocals
  • Scott Branock - bass, agogo bells, vocals
  • Pat “Dedrumma" Devaney - drums, conga, backing vocals
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