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The Deep End, Vol. 2

Gov't Mule

Initial release : 2002

Ato Records 21507

The second volume of Gov't Mule's bass showcase includes one track co-written by Robert Hunter with Phil Lesh on bass and David Grisman on mandolin. The Hidden Treasures bonus disk includes some video of Phil & Friends on stage and off.

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  • Trying Not to Fall (Haynes/Louis)
  • Time to Confess (Haynes)
  • Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy, Pt. 1 (Abts/Claypool/Haynes)
  • Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy, Pt. 2 (Abts/Claypool/Haynes)
  • What Is Hip? (Castillo/Garibaldi/Kupka)
  • World of Confusion (Haynes/Lucas)
  • Hammer and Nails (Hess/Schroeder)
  • Slow Happy Boys (Haynes)
  • Sun Dance (Haynes/Neel)
  • Lay of the Sunflower (Haynes/Hunter)
  • Catfish Blues (Traditional)
  • Which Way Do We Run? (Haynes)
  • Babylon Turnpike (Haynes/Neel)
Hidden treasures bonus disc;
  • Drivin' Rain (Haynes)
  • Rocking Horse (Allman/Haynes/Pearson/Woody)
  • Lay Your Burden Down (Barbiero/Haynes)
  • Sco-Mule (Haynes)
  • Plus video and photographic sections

Featured musicians include;

  • Time to Confess - George Porter Jr., bass; Art Neville, organ
  • Greasy Granny Gopher Gravy pt. 1 & 2 - Les Claypool, bass and vocals
  • What is Hip? - Rocco Prestia, bass; Johnny Neel, organ
  • World of Confusion - Tony Levin, bass; Gary Lucas, guitar
  • Hammer & Nails - Me'Shell NdegéOcello, bass; John Medeski, keyboards
  • Slow Happy Boys - Jack Casady, bass, Peter Sears, piano; Chuck Leavell, organ
  • Sundance - Chris Squire, bass; Johnny Neel, organ
  • Lay of the Sunflower - Phil Lesh, bass; Rob Barraco, piano; David Grisman, mandolin
  • Catfish Blues - Billy Cox, bass; Bernie Worrell, organ
  • Which Way Do We Run - Dave Schools, bass; Danny Louis, wurlitzer
  • Babylon Turnpike - Alphonso Johnson, bass; Johnny Neel, piano

  • Producer, mixing - Michael Barbiero, Warren Haynes
  • Additional production, mixing - Les Claypool, John Cutler
  • Engineer - Michael Barbiero
  • Additional engineering - Ron Rigler, Ray Martin, John Cutler
  • Executive producer - Stefani Scamardo
  • Assistant engineers - Raeanne Zschokke, Jason Andrews, Phil Burnett, Halsey Quemere
  • Mastering - Greg Calbi
  • Editing - Steve Fallone
  • Art, design - Christer Manning for
  • Photography - Danny Clinch, Patrick Haley, Paul Blaker, Joe Naftzger, Edward Smith
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A documentary about the making of the two Gov't Mule Deep End albums was released on video and DVD;

Further information will be added when available.