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Initial release : 1991

Arista ARCD 8669

An album that celebrates the songwriting of the Grateful Dead. Includes covers of fifteen Grateful Dead songs. One track is performed by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.


  • Bertha (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Jack Straw (Bob Weir / Robert Hunter)
  • U.S. Blues (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Ships of Fools (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • China Doll (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Cassidy (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • Truckin' (Jerry Garcia / Bob Weir / Phil Lesh / Robert Hunter)
  • Casey Jones (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Uncle John's Band (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Friend of the Devil (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • To Lay Me Down (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Wharf Rat (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Estimated Prophet (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • Deal (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
  • Ripple (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter )

The performers on the tracks on the album are;

  • Bertha - Los Lobos
  • Jack Straw - Bruce Hornsby & The Range
  • U.S. Blues - Harshed Mellows
  • Ships of Fools - Elvis Costello
  • China Doll - Suzanne Vega
  • Cassidy - Suzanne Vega
  • Truckin' - Dwight Yoakam
  • Casey Jones - Warren Zevon / David Lindley
  • Uncle John's Band - Indigo Girls
  • Friend of the Devil - Lyle Lovett
  • To Lay Me Down - Cowboy Junkies
  • Wharf Rat - Midnight Oil
  • Estimated Prophet - Burning Spear
  • Deal - Dr. John
  • Ripple - Jane's Addiction
The CD booklet provides full musician information for each track.


  • David Hidalgo - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, accordion, bass
  • Cesar Rosas - electric guitar
  • Conrad Lozano - bass, vocals
  • Steve Berlin - organ, percussion
  • Louis Perez - drums
  • Victor Bisetti - percussion
Jack Straw;
  • Bruce Hornsby - piano, synthesizers, vocals
  • George Marinelli Jr. - guitar, background vocals
  • John Molo - drums
  • John Puerta - bass, background vocals
  • John J. T. Thomas - keyboards
U. S. Blues;
  • Dan Baird - throat, guitar
  • Michelle Malone - throat
  • Stan Lynch - gang drum, primitive ritual percussion
  • Mauro Magellan - gang drum
  • Mike Campbell - guitar
  • Benmont Tench - piano, organ
  • Brendan O'Brien - bass
Ship Of Fools;
  • Elvis Costello - guitar, vocals
  • Jim Keltner - drums
  • Jerry Scheff - bass
  • Larry Knechtel - piano
  • James Burton - guitar
  • Marc Ribot - banjo, horn
China Doll and Cassidy;
  • Suzanne Vega - vocals
  • Anton Sanko - pum organ, Akai S-1000
  • Marc Shulman - acoustic guitar, tiple, electric guitar
  • Michael Visceglia - acoustic bass guitar
  • Fran Vilard - bodhran, cymbals, drums, bongos
  • Jeff Scantlebury - percussion
  • Dwight Yoakam - lead vocals
  • Tommy Funderburk - background vocals
  • Pete Anderson - lead guitar
  • Jeff Donavan - drums
  • Skip Edwards - keyboards
  • Taras Prodaniuk - bass
Uncle John's Band;
  • Amy Ray - guitar, vocals
  • Emily Saliers - guitar, vocals
  • Randell Kirsch - vocals
  • LuAnn Kirsch - vocals
  • Chris Hickey - vocals
  • Dan McNamara - congas, percussion
  • Barbara Marino - percussion
Casey Jones;
  • Warren Zevon - piano, vocals
  • David Lindley - guitars, vocals
  • Jorge Calderon - bass, vocals
  • Stan Lynch - drums, percussion
  • Ian Mclagan - Hammond B-3 organ
Friend Of The Devil;
  • Lyle Lovett - guitar, vocals
  • Russell Kunkel - drums
  • Leland Sklar - bass
  • Dean Parks - guitars
  • Bill Payne - piano
To Lay Me Down;
  • Margo Timmins - vocals
  • Michael Timmins - guitar
  • Peter Timmins - drums
  • Alan Anton - bass
  • Jeff Bird - harmonica, mandolin
  • Kim Deschamps - dobro, pedal steel guitar
  • Jaro Czerwinec - accordion
Wharf Rat;
  • Peter Garrett - harmonica, vocals
  • Rob Hirst - drums, vocals
  • Bones Hillman - bass, vocals
  • Martin Rolsey - guitar
  • Jim Moginie - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Estimated Prophet;
  • Winston Rodney - vocals
  • Nelson Miller - drums
  • Linval Jarett - piano, guitar
  • Paul Beckford - bass
  • Alvin Hawton - percussion
  • Dave Robinson - saxophone
  • James K. Smith - trumpet
  • Charles Dickey - trombone
  • Jay Noel - keyboards
  • Dr. John - piano, vocals
  • Freddy Staehle - drums
  • Rafael Cruz - percussion
  • Wibur Bascomb - bass
  • Joe Caro - guitar
  • Lew Soloff - trumpet
  • Andrew Snitzer - tenor saxophone
  • Ronnie Cuber - baritone saxophone
  • Perry Farrell - vocals
  • Dave Navarro - guitars
  • Stephen Perkins - drums, percussion
  • Eric A - bass

For the individual tracks;

  • Producers - Los Lobos, Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Eddie King, Ralph Sall, D. P. A. McManus, Kevin Killen, Pete Anderson, George Massenburg, Lyle Lovett, Billy Williams, Michael Timmins, Midnight Oil, Perry Farrell
  • Engineers - Dusty Wakeman, Eddie King, Peter Doell, Leslie Jones, Ray Blair, Kevin Killen, Steve Lyons, Nick Addison, Cliff Norrell, George Massenburg, Bob Doidge, Thom Cadley, Lee Anthony, Michel Sauvage, Junior Edwards, S. Morris, C. Gopie, Michael Scalcione, Tim Leitner, Patrick Dillette, Joe Gibb
  • Mixing - Ralph Sall, Ray Blair, Steve Addabbo, Anton Sanko, David Leonard, Brian Foxworthy, Noel Hazen, George Massenburg, Cowboy Junkies, Bob Doidge, Michel Sauvage
For the compilation;
  • Executive producer - Ralph Sall
  • Concept - Ralph Sall
  • A and R - Roy Lott
  • Booklet design - Ann Petter
  • Illustration - MIKIO, William Giese
  • Tree bark photo - W. Cody, Westlight
  • Booklet notes - Ralph Sall, Roy Lott
The booklet also includes a lengthy list of 'thanks to' including the Grateful Dead, the performers involved and various others.


This compilation is a rainforest benefit album as explained in the CD booklet;

The artists participating in this project and their record companies, the writers and Ice Nine Publishing, the Grateful Dead, Arista Records and BMG Distribution are donating significant proceeds from the sale of this record to the Rainforest Action Network and Cultural Survival.
The booklet also provides information about how to take action to help the rainforests and the people of the rainforests.

The album also celebrates the songwriting of the Grateful Dead. Bruce Hornsby comments on this aspect of the Grateful Dead, from his unique perspective as a temporary member of the band, in his notes in the CD booklet;

When talking about the Dead, people with only a cursory knowledge always make so much of the trappings: the Deadheads, the scene, the last bastion of hippiedom or whatever you call this thing that's been created over 25 years. To me that's unimportant. That has nothing to do with why I do it although I do very much enjoy that scene. It's the best party in rock and roll that I know of. For me it's about the songs. I think they have fifty or sixty great songs. For me it's just about playing those songs.

I think this album's a great thing because it will draw attention to the fact that these guys are great songwriters and that there are a lot of people who feel that way - a lot of musicians, a lot of their peers who obviously feel the same way I do.

Some European pressing of the LP have "Dedicated" instead of "Deadicated" on the spine of the packaging.

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The Cowboy Junkies version of To Lay Me Down was subsequently included on their compilation album; The Jane's Addiction version of Ripple was subsequently included on the compilations; The Indigo Girls version of Uncle John's Band was subsequently included on the compilation album; Burning Spear's version of Estimated Prophet has been included on two Burning Spear releases; The Midnight Oil version of Wharf Rat has been included on the following; The Elvis Costello version of Ship Of Fools was subsequently included on the extended release; The Bruce Hornsby version of Jack Straw was subsequently included on;
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