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Better Shred Than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology

Dick Dale

Initial release : June 1997

Rhino 72631

Vince Welnick plays on two tracks of this double CD Dick Dale compilation.

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  • Ooh Whee Marie (Hoffman)
  • Stop Teasing (Deasy/Knechtel)
  • Jessie Pearl (Dale/Hodge)
  • Let's Go Trippin' (Dale)
  • Del-Tone Rock (Dale)
  • Shake & Stomp (Dale)
  • Miserlou (Roubanis)
  • Surf Beat (Dale)
  • Peppermint Man (Willis)
  • Miserlou Twist (Roubanis)
  • Run for Life (Dale)
  • Take It Off (Dale)
  • King of the Surf Guitar (Willis)
  • Hava Nagila (Dale/Traditional)
  • Rides in the Sky (Jones)
  • Secret Surfin' Spot (Christian/Usher)
  • Wedge (Dale)
  • Night Rider (Dale)
  • Mag Wheels (Burns/Usher)
  • Mister Elevator (Dale)
  • Flashing Eyes (Dale)
  • Banzai Washout (Douglas)
  • Tidal Wave (Dale)
  • Spanish Kiss (Dale)
  • Angry Generation (Hazlewood)
  • Ramblin' Man (Williams)
  • Firing Up (Dale)
  • King of the Surf Guitar (Willis)
  • Jessie Pearl (Dale/Hodge)
  • One Double One Oh! (Dale)
  • Pipeline (Carman/Spickard)
  • Nitro (Dale)
  • Shredded Heat (Dale)
  • Terra Dicktyl (Dale)
  • Unknown Territory (Dale)
  • Niterider 6 (Dale)
  • Bandito (Dale)
  • Third Stone from the Sun (Hendrix)
  • In Liner (Dale)

The two tracks that include Vince Welnick are taken from Dick Dale's Calling Up Spirits. The musicians involved on that album were;


  • Dick Dale - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet, vocals
  • Ron Eglit - bass, background vocals
  • Prairie Prince - percussion, drums, background vocals
  • Scott Mathews - percussion, drums, background vocals
Guest players:
  • Vince Welnick - hammond organ, piano, background vocals
  • Bobby Strickland - didgeridoo, background vocals
  • Jill Dale - drums, background vocals
  • Ko Matthews - background vocals

  • Producer - Dick Dale, Don Ralke, Jim Economides, Ron Eglit, Voyle Gilmore, Guy Hemric, David Kahne, Scott Mathews, Jim Monsour, Jerry Styner, Gary Usher, Joel Selvin
  • Remastering - Bob Fisher
  • Creative consultant - Dick Dale
  • Compilation Producer - Mac Wiseman, James Austin
  • Editorial Supervision - Vanessa Atkins, Steven Chean, Julie Stover - Editorial Supervision
  • Editorial Research - Melissa Totten
  • Project Assistant - Steve Woolard, Stephen K. Peeples, Jim Pewter
  • Compilation, discographical annotation - John Blair, Gary Peterson
  • Art Direction, photography - Hugh Brown
  • Art Direction, Sculpture - Timothy Eames
  • Liner Notes - Greg Douglass, Jim Pewter
The credits for the original recording of Calling Up Spirits are;
  • Producer - Dick Dale
  • Co-producer - Ron Eglit with Scott Mathews, Prairie Prince, Allen Suddeth
    ("This album resulted from the collective creative input of all of them, with my deepest personal thanks")
  • Engineer - Allen Suddeth
  • Mixing - Dick Dale, Ron Eglit, Allen Suddeth
  • Assistant engineers - Scotty Johnson, Tony Kraus
  • Mastering - Joe Gastwirt
  • Recorded and mixed at Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, CA, January 1996
  • Mastered at OceanView Digital Mastering, Los Angeles
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Welnick plays on two tracks of this compilation, Bandito and Third Stone From The Sun, both of which are taken from;