Turn It Up!: I Can't Hear the Words

Author: Bob Sarlin

Publication date: 1973

Simon & Schuster

Includes one chapter about Robert Hunter.

The chapter titles are:

  • From Newport on
  • The folk influence
  • Rock-and-roll!
  • The first songpoet: Bob Dylan
  • Changes: Dylan
  • More changes: Dylan
  • Robert Hunter: an invisible songpoet
  • Van Morrison: Belfast cowboy
  • Joni Mitchell: a triumph in blue
  • Randy Newman: a child of L.A.
  • Laura Nyro: the city songpoet
  • Don McLean: American pie
  • Others
  • Radio: the rise of FM
  • Business: the rise of the artist
  • Two critics: Gleason and Marcus
  • Conclusions
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