This Darkness Got to Give

Dave Housley

Publication date : 2019

Pandamoon Publishing

A vampire / crime novel set during the Grateful Dead tour in 1995.

Cain lives the unconventional life of a Deadhead, one of the many fans following the Grateful Dead's fateful 1995 tour as part of the Dead's colorful, uninhibited entourage. A vampire determined to fly below the governmental radar, he has carefully constructed his life into one of sheep's blood and self-control. Drugs aren't really his thing considering the circumstances, but it only takes one dose from a stranger for Cain's world to collapse around him and end in what he'd been determined to avoid: murder. Bodies mount behind Cain as his control frays ever further, and more than one government agency takes notice. The FBI sends Jenkins, a methodical agent who has experience with vampires, and the secretive Invasive Species Division sends Peter, a rootless recent grad who fits a strange list of qualifications. The closer those on Cain's trail get, however, the less straightforward capturing him becomes, until decades-old governmental secrets are forced into the light and those responsible must face justice, one way or another.
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