Technological Visions: The Hopes and Fears that Shape New Technologies

Editor: Marita Sturken, Douglas Thomas, Sandra Ball-Rokeach

Publication date : 2004

Temple University Press

This book includes an article by John Perry Barlow called The Future of Prediction.

Publishers description:

For as long as people have developed new technologies, there has been debate over the purposes, shape, and potential for their use. In this exciting collection, a range of contributors, including Sherry Turkle, Lynn Spigel, John Perry Barlow, Langdon Winner, David Nye, and Lord Asa Briggs, discuss the visions that have shaped 'new' technologies and the cultural implications of technological adaptation. Focusing on issues such as the nature of prediction, community, citizenship, consumption, and the nation, as well as the metaphors that have shaped public debates about technology, the authors examine innovations past and present, from the telegraph and the portable television to the Internet, to better understand how our visions and imagination have shaped the meaning and use of technology.
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