The Storyteller Speaks: Rare & Different Fictions of the Grateful Dead

Editor: Gary McKinney & Robert G Weiner

Publication date : 2010

Kearney Street Books

A collection of fictions. Includes pieces by: Robert Hunter, Ed McClanahan, Philip Baruth, George Walker, Vincent Louis Carrella, Stephen Graham Jones, Mitch Myers, Rebecca Adams, Philip Heldrich, Scott MacFarlane, Ted Ringer, Nicholas Meriwether, Alex Kolker, Matthew C. Armstrong, Melinda Belleville, Eddie Cain, Clayton Chandler, Bob Franzosa, Tom Gonzales, Mary Goodenough, Heather Jackson, T.J. Weed, and Gary Shank.

"It turns out that it wasn't only the musicians who were inspired by the phenomenon of the Grateful Dead. In this incredible pile of stories are flesh-eating zombie Jerrys, the brilliantly resurrected ghost of Neal Cassady, skeletons, drugs, life on tour, initiations, archetypal Grateful Dead folk tales, the supernatural, the science-fictional, time travel and magic, lots of magic. Not to be missed".

Dennis McNally
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