Spit in the Ocean #6: The Cassady Issue

Editor: Ken Babbs

Publication date: 1980

Pleasant Hill

The last of a series of six volumes of the literary journal edited by Ken Kesey, Ken Babbs or a guest editor and published 1974 and 1981. This volume was a special Neal Cassady issue and included previously unpublished autobiographical material by Cassady. Other contributors were John Clellon Holmes, Larry McMurtry, Katrina Daniels, Jane Burton, Diane Kesey, Anne Murphy, Malcolm McGillicuddy, Stewart Barnd, Jerry Garcia, William Burroughs, "Ramrod" Shurtliff, Carolyn Cassady, Ken Kesey, Grandma Whittier and Ron Bevirt.

The short piece by Garcia Behind The Wheel With Neal is a reminiscence of a drive home with Cassady after an Acid Test.

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