A Sleuth in the Summer of Love

A Gwen Harris Mystery

Author: Carol Anita Sheldon

Publication date : 2018


A crime novel set in the Summer of 1967.

A Sleuth in The Summer of Love follows Gwen Harris, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle in 1967 as she covers the phenomenon known as The Summer of Love. Immersing herself in the atmosphere of the Haight district, where thousands of kids from all over the country have gathered, she questions where they sleep, how they're fed, if this Camelot will last. She makes friends, attends rock concerts in the Golden Gate Park where flower children are getting high on marijuana, LSD and love. But all is not so peaceful. Soon the dark under-belly of this phenomenon shows its teeth as two murders and a kidnapping take place. In an effort to discover the guilty and rescue a kidnapped girl she's caught in a web of life-threatening circumstances, as the tight-rope she's walking on gets higher and higher.
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