Scarlet Begonias

Author: Stephanie Geman-Marcotte

Publication date : 2012


From the back cover:

Suzi Greenberg, directionless art-school graduate, is in trouble. Veelura Vultee, the high priestess of the Heart of Gold Coven, lures Suzi into the fold with a Helping Friendly Book of arcane secrets and promises to lead Suzi to the nexus of existence located at the center of the dreamscape.

Suzi unravels her identity as directed, but finds the book's wisdom neither helping nor friendly when her premature omniscience compels the universal force of balance to sequester her in existential purgatory to protect the duplicitous concept of duality upon which the innocence of humanity relies.

In a convergent, yet unwitting venture into the dreamscape, the friends, whom Suzi mistakenly discarded after graduation, establish a band of Psycho-Cartographers to research the effects of an evolution accelerating elixir and learn of Suzi's peril while mapping the landscape of perception.

They harness an imperceptible quantity of mass that has gone missing from the International Prototype Kilogram to power a sonic black-hole which transits them to the dreamscape through phase-cancelled space to reach Suzi at the fateful Grateful Dead concert where their collective journey began.

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