Sausage Factory: The College Crier's Infamous Interviews of the Freaks and the Famous

Author: T. Virgil Parker, Jessica Hopsicker, Carri Anne Yager

Publication date : 2009

Inkwater Press

This book includes interviews with Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bob Weir.

Publisher's description:

The editorial crew of an unruly publication for college students tracks down the famous, the infamous and the strange in this unique collection of interviews. An indie musician is worshiped as a god in the South Seas. Hunter S. Thompson conducts what may have been his last interview with the press. Is the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir an anarchist or a monarchist? Will Elvira, Mistress of the Night, save the Sea Monkeys? Will the mad Dr. Steel succeed in building his Utopian Playland? Will the university where The Lizardman studied philosophy ever give him the recognition he deserves? Why did Insectavora stop eating bugs and change her name? Finally, will they all fall victim to the Curse of the Black Widow Journalist? Everyone from Gaitskill to Guster is interviewed in this engaging and enlightening tome by T. Virgil Parker, Jessica Hopsicker and Carri Anne Yager.
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