In the Spirit : Conversations With the Spirit of Jerry Garcia

Author: Wendy Weir

Publication date: 1999

Harmony Books

Publisher information:

"Early one morning in August 1995, Bob Weir called his sister and asked her to check in on Jerry Garcia, who had died only hours before. At first she could not talk to Jerry's spirit because it was too happy to be free. Only with the telepathic help of her brother was she able to break through Jerry's barriers and remind him that he couldn't leave -- he still needed to fulfill his mission on Earth. Thus began an illuminating and introspective three-year journey with the spirit of Jerry Garcia.

In the Spirit captures not only the wisdom of Jerry Garcia, but also the playful, irreverent, conversational tone that his fans will immediately recognize, whether in his personal message to the band or in his communications to those who read his words and listened to his music. In the Spirit sustains the bond between Jerry and those he loved and those who loved him."

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