High Societies : Psychedelic Rock Posters from Haight-Ashbury

Author: D. Scott Atkinson

Publication date: 2001

San Diego Museum of Art

A 92 page catalog, with 110 color plates, produced to accompany an exhibition of posters at the San Diego Museum of Art.

Written by D. Scott Atkinson, Curator, American Art, San Diego Museum of Art and including key essays by psychedelic poster expert, Sally Tomlinson, and collector, Paul Prince.

The exhibition was based on items from the collection of Paul Prince.

The High Societies exhibition was in three parts; each concentrating on a period when graphic design was used to promote popular entertainment. The other two parts of the exhibition were 'Toulouse-Lautrec and the Cabarets of Montmartre' and 'Japanese Woodblock Prints and the Floating World of Edo'.

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