High Noon on the Electronic Frontier: Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace

Editor: Peter Ludlow

Publication date : 1996

MIT Press

This book includes a three sections by John Perry Barlow: Selling Wine WIthout Bottles: The Economy of Mind On The Global Net, Jackboots On The Infobahn and Appendix 1: Crime and Puzzlement and one section The Denning-Barlow Clipper Chip Debate by Dorothy E. Denning and John Perry Barlow.

Publishers description:

Peter Ludlow has culled from various sources, both print and electronic, key articles on hot cyberspace policy issues, together with lively extracts from online discussions of these issues. These include the standard academic pieces along with "rants and manifestos" on a broad range of issues from the denizens of cyberspace and reflect the discourse of cyberspace itself. At times they have what Ludlow terms "a certain gonzo quality," but nonetheless they raise serious conceptual issues in a way that illustrates precisely what is at stake. The topics covered in this timely compilation include privacy, property rights, hacking and cracking, encryption, censorship, and self and community on-line.
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