Harrington Street

Jerry Garcia

Publication date: 1999

Delacorte Press

"An Anecdotal Personal History" in words and pictures.

Harrington Street was an unfinished Garcia project.

From the rear inside flap:

"It's auto-apocrypha, full of my anecdoubts. Like things to do with my relatives, my family, the block I grew up on, the things that scared me (animals), the discovery of fire, you know things like that. I've written to age 10. I talk to myself, sort of remember things about my family, things they told me, things I think I heard. Then I wonder how I picked up that information, as it seems so familiar. But then it is twisted through my own imagination, which is warped. I write the text out longhand, but my drawings, which illustrate my text, I do on computer. I'm taking it totally freely, it's really FUN! I'm pleased with what I am doing. The look is so unique - it doesn't look like anything else I have ever seen!"
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