Fellow Traveler

Author: James D. McCallister

Publication date: 2013

Muddy Ford Press

Author comment:

Inspired both by my deep and abiding affection and scholarship for the Grateful Dead, as well as my less-than-positive experiences surrounding the final concert I'd see them give, on July 2, 1995 at the then-Deer Creek Music Theater, the novel seeks not to define any particular generation or school of thought or music other than the portrait of a Gen X male, semi-emasculated and drug-addled, seeking to not so much rebuild his life as define it fully for the first time. This, I hope, makes Fellow Traveler a novel and record of a particular generational time and place that's of use not merely to Deadheads or classic rock music fans, but also to students of sociology and general pop- and meta-cultural trends. On top of all that, I hope that it's an interesting and moving story on a personal level--all Z really needs, maybe, is love, and perhaps that's the central question the novel has to answer on a human level: how do we find love when we don't love ourselves first?
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