Deadhead Forever: Property Of Haze

Author: Michael "Haze" Hayes

Editor: Scott Meyer, Molly Jay

Publication date: 2001

Running Press

A Deadheads scrapbook. Three decades or memorabilia, Dead lore and stories "pasted" onto the pages with drop-shadow photography.

"What if you bought a 1968 Volkswagen microbus from a stranger, and when you started to clean it out you found an old notebook? And what if that notebook was actually the scrapbook of a Deadhead-telling the incredible story of one young man's groovy experiences traveling the country with his favorite band, collecting great friends and memorabilia along the way? Well, if you did, that scrapbook might look something like this. “Discovered” wedged beneath the back seat of a 1968 Volkswagen van, this brilliant scrapbook-filled with real-life memorabilia-celebrates the glory days of the Grateful Dead and the remarkable subculture that sprang up around the band's main appearances around the country."
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