Publication date: 1966 to 1979, 1993 to 2003

Crawdaddy! magazine was started by Paul Williams in 1966. The first issue was written entirely by Williams and comprised 10 mimeographed sheets. With each issue thereafter the magazine slowly expanded in size, introduced graphics and color and utilised improved production methods. The roster of writers grew as well. Over the years the magazine has included articles by many writers including Peter Guralnick, Ralph Gleason, Richard Farina, Jon Landau, Samuel R. Delany, Jim Payne, Sandy Pearlman, Gene Sculatti, Ed Ward and Richard Meltzer. Early issues had the subtitle The Magazine Of Rock 'n' Roll. This was subsequently shortened to The Magazine Of Rock.

Paul Williams edited Crawdaddy! until the fall of 1968. Subsequent editors included Chester Anderson, Peter Stafford, Raeanne Rubenstein, Peter Knobler and Greg Mitchell. The last issue using the Crawdaddy! name was in May 1979. The name was changed to Feature and subsequently ceased publication.

Paul Williams revived Crawdaddy! as a quarterly newsletter in 1993. This version continued until 2003. Crawdaddy! is currently not being published but it may return.

For more information and back copies see The Crawdaddy web site.

A collection of articles from the first 19 issues of Crawdaddy! has been published:

Articles from the magazine have been included in a wide range of publications including;