Communicating Ethnic and Cultural Identity

Editors: Mary Fong & Rueyling Chuang

Publication date: 2004

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

This collection includes a article by Natalie J. Dollar called Communicating Deadhead Identity: Exploring Identity from a Cultural Communication Perspective.

Publishers description: "This intercultural communication text reader brings together the many dimensions of ethnic and cultural identity and shows how they are communicated in everyday life. Introducing and applying key concepts, theories, and approaches from empirical to ethnographic a wide variety of essays look at the experiences of African Americans, Asians, Asian Americans, Latino/as, and Native Americans, as well as many cultural groups. The authors also explore issues such as gender, race, class, spirituality, alternative lifestyles, and inter- and intra-ethnic identity. Sites of analysis range from movies and photo albums to beauty salons and Deadhead concerts."

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