Be Not Content: A Subterranean Journal

Author: William J. Craddock

Publication date: 1970

A Doubleday Projections Book


Published in paperback by Transreal Press in 2012.

A novel set in San Jose in the late 60s. Includes a chapter 'Morgan's Acid Test' based on one of the acid test which includes some references to the Grateful Dead.

From the back cover

Be Not Content is a coming-of-age novel set in San Jose, California, in the mid 1960s—describing William Craddock’s experiences as a young acid-head. This is a hip, profound, and wonderfully-written book, a unique chronicle of the earliest days of the great psychedelic upheaval. Be Not Content is filled with warmth and empathy, tragic at times, and very funny in spots, a wastrel masterpiece where laughter plays counterpoint against the oboes of doom. A mystical underground masterpiece.
An excerpt from Be Not Content was subsequently included in The Grateful Dead Reader (Readers on American Musicians), Dodd/Spaulding, 2000.
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